Blue Gown, Blue Moon!

Beautiful words about their Wedding:

My fiancée, Patti and I could no longer bear living 1,000 miles apart and decided to elope.  Patti did a great bit of research on wedding officiants. We were particularly frustrated with the fact that all but 2 of the officiants we identified performed a cookie cutter ceremony which was far from being unique or special. Even among the 2 officiants would create a unique and customized ceremony we found a stark contrast. One such officiant talked a lot about making the day about us, but her comments and demeanor conveyed something quite different. Thankfully, the other officiant was Elizabeth Turk!
What first caught our eye was Elizabeth’s online profile and the multiple positive reviews she has received. Within minutes of sending Elizabeth an email we had a response, and by the end of the day Patti and Elizabeth were in direct communication. Elizabeth is a true romantic at heart and her positive demeanor and attitude truly conveyed a desire on her part to make our day special. After a single conversation Patti called me to express her excitement and how much she wanted Elizabeth to perform our wedding. We weren’t disappointed!
Elizabeth is so incredibly unique in how she approaches weddings, treating ours as a unique love story and crafting the ceremony around us. Elizabeth was able to take information we provided her and she created a masterpiece of a weddingthat we will remember for years to come and that truly melted our hearts. She went out of her way to help us with the little details that we might have overlooked, even recommending a wonderful baker that created the most delicious cake for just the two of us. After the ceremony was over she presented us with a special keepsake of our wedding that Patti and I look at often and which brings us back to that special day. The ceremony that Elizabeth created for us was beyond what we could have ever imagined and we are so very blessed she was such an instrumental part of our wedding.

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