Romance Tip #5


Romance is something that even the fellas are looking for even though few want to admit it.  My tip today is to the ladies, remember, men are visual creatures and they love to rough house and just laugh and have a good time.  Even if you are a dainty feminine girl, take the time to throw on some comfy PJ’s and before you head off to sleep surprise your man with a Spur of the Moment Pillow Fight.  Makes it more fun if you get two new feather pillows and put them in a pink and blue pillow cases (one for him and one for you) and just rough house a little before you both fall exhausted into each other’s arms for a good night sleep or … who knows what else.  I’ll bet your man thinks of this for days and tells all his friends about the awesome lady in his life!  Remember, Romance is made, its not Automatic.

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