After your wedding, a reminder…

After all the time spent planning your wedding, the ceremony was all you dreamed it would be and actually, you were amazed how everyone reacted to it as it was so perfect and now… time for the HONEYMOON! A reminder so you don’t go from this

Image result for GOOGLE IMAGES FRUSTRATED BRIDE  to this .

A recent stay at the Hilton St. Petersburg Florida as a Gold Member and frequent traveler to this hotel I was the victim of a theft. When your traveling on your honeymoon, think about whether bringing your good jewelry is a good idea.  I, wanted to wear a beautiful 14k gold omega that was gifted to me when I turned 21 by my now 88 year old Mom.  Unfortunately, being distracted by a family member cancer battle we didn’t check the closet or safe prior to leaving.  And yes, you guessed it.  Someone in that hotel stole my necklace.  (true heartbreak).

The hotel’s response:

Check out day Sunday- “We can’t do anything until Housekeeping returns on Monday”. Note:  they rented the room again but would not check the safe!

Monday – Housekeeping Mgr. does not call me I call her.  She refuses to check the room prior to Noon, won’t go knock on the door to inquire about my necklace in the safe.  But… she does ask for my pin to the safe saying “Will you trust me with the PIN for your safe”?  I unfortunately said ok.

Housekeeping Mgr promises to call me once my items are located.  No call.

I call at 3:30 p.m. and a man in “Housekeeping” says well let me see if your stuff is here”  “Oh yeah its here in a bag”  Send hubby to pick up after work.

So excited to get my items returned (clothing left in closet too).  Hubby returns home I empty large plastic bag onto my bed and open my jewelry cases to find them empty.

The Hotel has been condescending, rude and cares not for what happened at their hotel.  They actually sent me a letter stating they had “returned’ my items to me!

Nonsense!  And the HR Director who was told to call me when advised I’d be filing a Police report said “Great, we here at the hotel have lots of friends on the St. Petersburg Police Department”.  I was shocked and said, “Don’t care if you have friends, I need them to find out who stole my necklace”.  Hilton has done nothing, no insurance claim  no kind apology, just crude, rude and insensitive dismissal of me.

So word of warning, bring that adorable costume jewelry on your Honeymoon, dress up your looks with items that if they were to disappear you would not be crushed on your most romantic time of your life.

 And remember, you might earn points with Hilton but if your a victim of a crime at their hotel, you will be treated like you don’t even matter.  Protect yourselves girls!  Leave your good stuff at home!

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