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Reviewed On: 08/05/2012Services Used: Wedding Planning & Officiating

Annie and I came to Florida because of a job.  Annie always dreamed of having a beach wedding and we decided since we were going to be here for roughly six months, that now was as good as any to have our wedding.  We arrived in Florida the first of July and between finding a place to stay, learning the area, getting acclimated to a new job, we decided that our wedding should be at the end of July.  Annie immediatey dove into the planning of this special day with great anticipation.  We were looking for someone to perform the perfect ceremony on a beach at sunrise.  We were very blessed to meet Elizabeth and George Turk.  Our plans in the beginning were to have just a basic wedding.  But after just one phone conversation with Elizabeth, she suggested that we make this day as special as we possibly could because as she stated, These memories will last forever“.  She suggested to us the sunrise wedding at one of the most beautiful spots that we could ever anticipate.  The morning of the wedding was perfect.  The arbor was beautifully decorated with the prettiest  flowers we have ever seen.  The tiki torches that lit the way before the sun came up was very romantic.  The music that was selected by the both of us, with Elizabeth’s help, set the mood for this most wonderful occasion.  She also suggessted the sand ceremony where two kinds of sand were blended in a heart-shaped vase to simulate two people becoming one.  Our vows were constructed from a questionnaire that we both filled out individually to create our very own love storyElizabeth’s expertise to take these answers from the questions and develop the most beautiful and intimate ceremony was something we never anticipated.  So the combination of the sunrise wedding, one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, the sand ceremony, the music and the photos from her husband, George’s camera, added up to a wedding ceremony that just completely beyond our wildest expectations!  This special day was made better than anticipated because of Elizabeth and George Turk!  We highly recommend that any couple who is looking to make their special day to be the ultimate, to contact these two VERY special people and have them assist you in everyway possible to make your wedding the most beautiful day the two of you will every spend.  In closing, we have no problems with answering any questions that any couples may have.  We believe in Elizabeth and George so much that we will publish our cell phone numbers so that you may contact us if you have any questions about the amazing ceremony that they will perform for you.  Feel free to call us at (419) 618-5448 and we will help you with your most important day.  Thank you Elizabeth and George for all you did for us.  It was a day neither one of us will ever forget!

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