After marrying couples from around the globe who chose to have a destination wedding, vow renewal or union ceremony, I have learned that the following are some of the most important factors when deciding on the location:

1.  Choose a location that has meaning for you both.

2.  Accessibility – Choose a spot that has the ability to meet your travel needs from air service, car service and hotel service.

3.  Venue – Choose a venue that is familiar with “Destination” ceremonies as they are usually very connected with great vendors to help make your Destination ceremony all you’ve been dreaming of.

4.  Reviews – Check out the reviews for your venue, destination and vendors in the area.  That way you’re fully informed on the quality not just what you see on the web and hear on the phone.

5.  Most Important – Remember that no matter all the planning you do for your “Destination” ceremony, the most important thing is that the two of you are committing yourselves to one another for life so make it romantic and meaningful no matter where you decide on.  Its the most important day of your life so make it about the two of you and enjoy!

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