Rain at your Wedding – Good or Bad Thing?

From Chicago to Florida their love was clear!

Weddings & Weather

This past Saturday I wrote a beautiful ceremony for Meg & Gabe who had their beachfront wedding at the Marriott Hotel & Marina in Stuart, Florida. We officiated the ceremony which I created from their “Very Own Love Story”.

A day before the wedding Meg and I chatted to go over final ceremony details and she exclaimed “the weather is really rainy”.

As South Florida and really just about anywhere can be the recipient of an unwelcome guest “Rain” on your wedding day try to remember this…

If you had 4 pieces of rope and you had to tie them together forming only 2 knots and if you had to soak one of the newly tied knots in water… which rope would be stronger?  Yes… you are right…. the wet one so gals and guys, no worries, if there is rain on your wedding day… just look at it like a little gift from above to give your “happily ever after” a little extra boost and remember… the end result is what really matters and no matter rain or shine, you are really marrying the love of your life!

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